Days 24 – 28 of a 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Pet Peeves, Bucket List, What Makes Me Feel Better, Hopes for My Blog, Favorite Person

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I really, really do want to keep my commitment to this Thirty Day Blogging Challenge. I feel strongly about finishing this mostly to hold myself accountable. Life is hard and fun and beautiful and exhausting. School days are brutal for some of my kids and I am constantly putting out fires, building up bruised and defeated egos, advocating fiercely, and keeping the joy in our family activities.

Writing has always been my outlet, but it seems to be what I let go of first when the days drain me. I don’t like that! So…… here are five more days to the challenge. Each is simple and sweet, distinct and diverse. Letting go of some of the daily angst is just the ticket for my spirit tonight.

One of my dahlias — gardening is much more fun than stewing on pet peeves!

What Are My Pet Peeves?

This one cracked me up. I don’t have time or energy for peeves. I have issues that turn me into a Mama Bear for my children, but there is very little in the small things of life that truly get me rattled. If I make a big deal about some of my peeves at home, it is mostly to try to teach my children about the responsibility of living with others. Put your own dirty dishes in the sink. Replace the toilet paper when you empty the roll. Wipe down the counter after you’ve fixed a snack. Clear your hair out of the drain strainer after your shower. Tell me that we are out of something before I go shopping and not after I get home. You get the drift.

My kids, on the other hand, can tell you every single little quirk and annoyance of every single one of their siblings. And they feel they must tell me of these transgressions EVERY SINGLE DAY! Maybe tattling for whining’s sake is my pet peeve. Pick your battles, I tell them, and anything you say or do should be aimed at building up your sibling and not tearing them down.

What is On My Bucket List?

It’s hard to have a true bucket list when I cannot predict how the next years will pan out. I am still raising young children and there is no real end in sight. I don’t have any big wishes, nor will I have any regrets for things I’ve not done, at least not for myself. I am living my best life and my ministry right now and would not have it any other way.

I was Cinderella in my Kindergarten play.

However, there are things that I know I would enjoy if ever given the chance.

  • I am always captivated by movies, photos, and stories about Greece. Spending time in that country would be fun for me.
  • I would love an opportunity to do some acting; even just local community theater would be fun.
  • I don’t watch much TV, but have always enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres when I get the chance to watch. I would get a kick out of spending a bit of time with her or going to her show. She is so uplifting and encouraging in so many ways.
  • I suppose I should add road tripping around the country with any of my kids. I love driving and it would be fun to see so much of the country. It would be a joy to leave school behind and learn hands on whereever we go.

Other bucket list items are more like long term (or wishful) goals… the opportunity to own some kind of multi-unit house to be a housing resource for foster youth aging out of the system… the opportunity to become an advocate within the public school system for other families trying to navigate programs for their trauma kids… the opportunity to have a house cleaner so I can focus on tasks specific to my kids. Those kinds of “goals” along with the above bucket list all seem to depend on being in a higher financial bracket, which is NOT one of my priorities. Therefore, for now anyway, all of it is daydreams and journeys.

Credit: Oregon State University

What Makes Me Feel Better?

This is a puzzling question for me. There are many ways to not feel well and just as many ways to feel better. But perhaps, the best answer I could give for any of it would be……… sleep! I am a great proponent of naps. Physical illness, emotional distress, relationship slips, and just the drain of parenting kids who’ve experienced trauma as well as negotiating all the ups and downs of their lives in school, social circles and physical health are all things that build up stress and distress. Sleep helps! It’s not an escape for me, but rather an energy boost to be able to keep me focusing on what is important.

What are My Hopes for My Blog?


  • I am writing as a creative outlook for me and perhaps the stepping stone to a book.
  • I hope my stories will entertain and perhaps inspire others.
  • I would like my writing to be a source of income eventually.

Who is My Favorite Person?

This prompt is impossible to write about. I am surrounded by people I love, people I admire, and people who support me, encourage me, and hold me up when I am feeling overwhelmed. I suppose, when push comes to shove, my favorite person to call for all of the above is my Dad. He loves me without measure and will listen to all the joy and all the sorrow I share with him. Who I am and what I do is made up of so much goodness from the parenting I received from my Mom and Dad. Love begets love!

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