Days 15 and 16 of a 30 Day Blogging Challenge: What Makes Me Happy? What Makes Me Sad?

November 20, 2019 0 Comments


I can only make a list for this… if I start writing, I will write for days. I have been SO blessed and so full of joy at all around me. Gratitude, too, that I get to live this life I have.

My kids fill me up


  • My kids — every day
  • A warm house (not a given in these days and times)
  • Enough food that is nutritious and yummy
  • This beautiful creation in every season
  • Family that has consistently supported me and loved my children
  • Friends who keep us busy, happy and well supported
  • An amazing faith community (that also includes family and friends), which helps keep the Spirit and LOVE ever-present in my days


Who likes to focus on what is sad? It IS important to acknowledge the hard feelings, though, in order to embrace the love and joy. I don’t find myself feeling sad very often. I do have anger or frustration when fighting the system (any system) for my kids and I do get worried and preoccupied when they are having their big feelings. But feeling truly sad is all by itself doesn’t come around often.

My dad gave me my mom’s wedding band.

However, I do have sad moments…

  • When I miss my mom, who died 5 years ago
  • When I grieve for what my oldest daughter has lost because of her her abusive husband
  • When the Littles miss their mom, which makes me miss her, too.

Feelings are important. Our feelings are messages that let us know when something is important to us or when something has gone wrong or when we need to stop being so busy and tend to ourselves. Making a list is relatively easy. Doing the work around these feelings is often hard, scary, and…. oh, so important.

Do the work! Live your life fully!

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