Family Vacation in Oregon

My household currently consists of seven children and me (with 4 older kids out of the home). I would love to partner with you in creating great writing material for my readers related to our family life. I am able to collaborate with you through *sponsored posts, *social media campaigns, *speaking engagements, and *event appearances. I am also open to any other creative ideas that you might have for us to work on together.

All of my children have come through the foster care system, so I put a lot of emphasis on a fairly healthy lifestyle and many experiences that can help children heal and grow. We have a full family life, and with 7 children in my home and nearly 28 years of parenting under my belt, my experiences with multiple brands is quite broad. The ordinary days are filled with homework, meals, transportation to schools and activities.

The activities are as varied and as engaging as can be… from gymnastics to swimming, from dance to ukulele, and much more. All of the kids are continuously reaching for new, as well as beloved experiences. With ages in my home from 4 to 15 right now, the ways we spend our time as a family involve crayons and scissors, driving practice, periods of screen time with TV, tablets and phones, board games and outside games. Bikes, scooters, and longboards are in constant use. And we even get a bit of gardening done.

We travel occasionally, often in relation to a child’s activities. Getting to explore a new place is such a treat for all of us when one of the kids has a swim meet out of town, or a gymnastics meet in another state, or a college visit . Stepping out of our routine can be scary for kids who’ve had too many changes in their lives, but meeting new people and learning things that don’t come out of a book are valuable…. and healing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think we could work together with quality writing and story telling. With regard, Karla Petersen