Days 4-7 of a 30 Day Blog Challenge: Let’s Combine Some of It

November 6, 2019 0 Comments

As I look through the prompts for this writing challenge I’ve set for myself, some of the suggestions just don’t make sense for me. It’s not that I don’t want to write about the subjects; it’s more about how my brain doesn’t think about these questions and they really don’t have a place in my life.

For three days in a row, the prompts have asked…

  • What is my dream job?
  • What is my proudest moment?
  • What am I afraid of?

I’m trying to figure out why none of these resonate with me. I think it just boils down to living in the moment.

‘Dream Job’

Of course, I plan for the future (I HAVE to with 7 kids here) and, of course, I have many, many memories with feelings attached. But, while I set goals, I don’t dwell on what may or may not happen with a dream. If it’s a goal, I am already actively working on it (and not dreaming).

One reason, I think, that I don’t “dream big” is because I enjoy the journey too much. It takes emotional energy to always be looking for dream anything. But each day is its own adventure and there is so much joy in the moments, tiny and big, that it doesn’t make sense in my brain to wish for something bigger or better.

‘Proudest Moment’

When I consider my memories, I don’t tend to think about being proud. I get pleased, I get excited when something works well, and I get emotional when something is REALLY, really good. I DO tend to feel more proud of those around me when THEY have accomplished goals and handled something well, especially if I got to be a part of the success. My gift of being able to support and empower others, especially my children, is something I like about myself. Maybe that’s as close to ‘feeling proud’ as I can imagine.

I do feel grateful and accomplished when I’ve achieved a goal, but I just can’t pick one ‘proudest moment’ that is better than any other accomplishment. Each was its own journey and each was a stepping stone to another journey, but focusing on how well I did at any single step and which step was best (or proudest) is not part of my process. I enjoy the memories and will sometimes look back at things that worked out well to remind myself about what worked and what did not in that situation. Sometimes I feel proud in even the saddest situations because this foster care/ adoption journey is all about emotional healing and growth. That requires a lot of grief for the kids and me.


As far as being afraid (the 3rd item on the list above), that doesn’t seem to happen very often. Maybe this is also because I tend to live in the moment. I’m handling what comes along and I do have very strong emotions at times. But true fear just isn’t in my make-up. I DO get nervous and I can worry, especially when what I do (meetings, speaking, advocating) affects my children, but I don’t to any anticipatory freaking out about things that might or might not happen…. including spiders and heights and zombies.

The next prompt on the list asks, “What are your 5 favorite songs?” This was easier than the last three questions, though harder, too. There is SO much good music out there. I’m not sure if these are really my top five, but they are definitely among my favorites. Each has its own memories and power for me. I’ll not share why each means so much; I’d like you to find each and listen and let it resonate however it will with you.

  • ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ by Phil Collins
  • ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ by Barbara Streisand
  • ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon & Garfunkel
  • ‘I Am Woman’ by Helen Reddy
  • ‘Circle of Life’ by Tim Rice and Elton John


If I may be so bold, I invite you to reflect on all of the above for your own life and journey. It IS an interesting exercise.

Be well, my friends.


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